Budapest Danube Cruise

What not to miss in Budapest

My Hungarian friend invited me to visit Budapest during my winter holiday. It was freezing cold, but the city got off my feet, especially the Budapest Danube Cruise during one of the evenings. That night, at about 18:00, we boarded the deck. Thank goodness for few cups of Glühwein to warm up my body, because my bones were rattled with the icy wind. As we were trying to melt in this dark and cold evening during our Budapest Cruise, the capital suddenly started to emerge from the darkness and the buildings appeared aglow. I was thrilled because there are not many rivers flow in our country, so I can scarely experience the beauty of cruising. Despite the cold weather, I drifted out to the terrace, where I could admire and the spectacle of Budapest. This Budapest Danube Cruise was about 80 minutes long and started in the city centre, sailed up to the Margaret Island and returned at the National Theatre. This duration perfectly met our needs, as we were invited for a dinner at 20:00, which was a culinary experience, because I have never tried Hungarian food before. Therefore, I really recommend taking one of the Danube Cruise if you visit the Hungarian capital. I will definitely come back to Budapest in the future, so next time I will try the Budapest Danube Cruise with one of the dinner options.

budapest danube cruise